The academy offers a versatile and flexible platform with multiple subscription-based options that can cater to all learning levels without constraint. The curriculum will guide the student on a journey of holistic understanding of the art – from the basics to advanced levels of appreciation, compositional understanding and technical delivery.

Starting with multimedia tutorials that blend interactive video with clear embedded notation that students can follow along with, students can learn and practice at their own pace. When ready, they can upload videos of the assignment for exchange with the academy’s tutors for online assessment. This enables personalized feedback designed to address the students’ unique needs and help them progress in the best possible way. Students can supplement their learning with periodic webinars and optional one-on-one sessions with the academy’s tutors. Advanced students will also have the opportunity to sign up for direct master classes with Mandolin Prakash and a possible platform to perform from time to time.


An Introduction to Carnatic (Indian Classical) music for Mandolin & Guitar